Canoe Club Preserve - Pembroke, MA


Canoe Club Preserve was donated to Wildlands Trust in April, 2005 by developer Ron Wilson.

Wildlands Trust was drawn to this property because of its ecological significance due to its North River frontage, seepage wetlands, Atlantic white cedar forest pockets, and its location in the Herring Brook Valley. The preserve includes 20 acres and frontage of a tidal freshwater marsh along the scenic North River. Approximately half of the preserve is wooded and is accessible to visitors via boardwalk and loop trail. The boardwalk was completed in the spring of 2006 to allow visitor access through the wet woodlands for their enjoyment of passive recreation such as walking, hiking, nature study, photography and other similar pursuits.


This wet woodland holds numerous springs and drainages that shunt water year round toward the marshes of the river. In early spring you may notice greening vegetation around some of these springs. The trail along the hillside provides excellent views into the forest below and allows an opportunity to admire the natural architecture of the trees, red maples, oaks, and pines. In early spring the skunk cabbage is a common sight along the boardwalk and false hellebores may also be found here.

Watch the boardwalk and trail for the signs of animal life and listen to the calls of birds in the forest canopy overhead. Beside the trail, you will find sweet pepperbush with its perfume-like flower spikes in summer and yellow foliage in the fall. Red maples, oaks and white pines, an occasional birch and witch hazel also line the trail. Those with allergies to poison ivy should use caution as it does grow up many of the trees and along the trail.



75 Washington Street, Pembroke


20 acres


Rt. 3 to Exit 12. North/West on Rt. 139. Proceed straight ahead at the lights; turn right into the small plaza called Pembroke Pointe.


Parking consists of up to 10 spaces; park along the left edge of the parking lot in marked spaces beside the trail head.