Program Overview


What Is The Greening The Gateway Cities Program (GGCP)?

An entirely free program as a result of the collaboration between the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EOEEA), Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), Department of Energy and Resources (DOER), and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). Wildlands Trust has joined the GGCP in Brockton as the outreach coordinator working to increase community engagement.

Program Objectives:

To increase the urban tree canopy to 5-10% in select neighborhoods in each Gateway City. The GGCP specifically aims to plant 2,400 free trees within 500 to 750 acre neighborhoods to maximize the benefits of energy efficiency.

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Did You Know?
Trees can increase property values

Program Goals:


  • Lowers energy usage and costs

  • Raises property values

  • Reduces pavement maintenance

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Did You Know?
Trees and vegetation provide critical habitat for pollinators


  • Cools summer and warms winter temperatures

  • Improves air and water quality

  • Reduces pollution and protects wildlife

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Did You Know?
Patients experience an excelled recovery rate when exposed to nature


  • Strengthens physical and mental health

  • Decreases noise pollution cause by traffic

  • Enhances beauty and safety in neighborhoods

*See our Why Plant Trees? section for more information.*

How to get your free tree(s)

It’s simple! If you live within the planting zone, you qualify for free trees!

Step 1: Fill out a tree request form or contact us via phone, email or social media.

Step 2: A DCR Urban Forester will contact you to confirm you live in the planting zone.

Step 3: Pick a date and time for a DCR Forester to conduct a site visit at your house.

Step 4: During site visit, you and the DCR Forester will pick the desired tree(s) and the location within your yard.

Step 5: Water the tree for approximately two years until it can sustain itself.

what is a gateway city?

The Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth (MassINC) defines gateway cities as, "midsize urban centers that anchor regional economies around the state. For generations, these communities were home to industry that offered residents good jobs and a “gateway” to the American Dream." The Baker administration has identified these cities, including Brockton, for targeted redevelopment efforts.

Who is Wildlands trust?

Wildlands Trust is a land conservation organization headquartered in Plymouth, Mass. Founded in 1973, Wildlands Trust works throughout Southeastern Massachusetts to conserve and permanently protect native habitats, farmland, and lands of high ecological and scenic value that serve to keep our communities healthy and our residents connected to the natural world. Find out more information about our organization at: