Conservation Restriction

By donating a conservation restriction to Wildlands Trust you can permanently protect your land and may receive significant federal tax benefits. Conservation restrictions limit specified future uses of the land, such as development, but allow you to maintain ownership, management, and the right to sell your land or pass it on to heirs. Throughout the United States, conservation agreements are used to protect over a million acres every year!

Deed Restriction

Placing a term deed restriction on your property may protect some of its features and control or guide its future use. However, it is the least-preferred option in the land protection "toolbox", as it does not run with a property's title in perpetuity, and can be rendered unenforceable under certain conditions. Under Massachusetts Law, a deed restriction may run with a property for no more than thirty years, and the holder of the restriction must re-record it prior to its expiration to extend the restriction. No income or estate tax benefits are associated with a deed restriction because of its temporary nature.

To learn more please contact Scott MacFaden, Director of Land Protection here at the Trust.