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Wildlands' Summer Trail Challenge!

Discover some of the most beautifully diverse natural spaces in Southeastern Massachusetts while completing Wildlands' Summer Trail Challenge! Visit and explore all 21 preserves listed on the summer challenge preserve list (found below) and receive a Wildlands Trust hat or t-shirt*! The first person to visit all of the properties will receive a Wildlands Trust hat and t-shirt as well as two free tickets to this year's OkTRAILberfest! Adventure solo or with your friends and family while visiting the local preserves you know and love while discovering ones you have yet to fall for!


Summer Challenge preserve list
Wildlands Trust properties and trail maps can be found here.


Rules and guidelines can be found below, please read them thoroughly before beginning the contest. 

Happy Exploring!

UPDATE (6/13/18): Please see the bold section of the rules and guidelines for the location of the Six Ponds East Preserve number block.

Please note: Shifting Lots will not be included in the Trail Challenge as the parking lot gate is closed for the season

Rules and guidelines:

  • Properties must be visited between June 21 – Sept 21, 2018.
  • The challenge begins at 12:00am EST on June 21, 2018 and ends at 11:59pm EST on Sept 21,2018.
  • *Participants must submit a corresponding Challenge Form (CF), located at the top of this page, for each property visited between June 21 (12am EST) – Sept 21, 2018 (11:59pm EST). A property will be considered “visited” by Wildlands Trust (WT) once a CF is received by a WT staff member via the online submission form, not by the date the property was visited.
  • A numbered wooden block (numbered 1-5) will be located roughly 100 feet into the main trail attached to a tree at approximately eye level. This number will need to be submitted on each CF to verify presence on the property.
  • The number block for Six Ponds East Preserve can be found where the red looped trail meets with the trail that leads to the parking area on Long Pond Road.
  • If the number submitted on the CF does not match up with the number at the preserve, the CF will be considered invalid and will not count toward completion of the challenge.
  • Participants who visit preserves in groups must submit CF's individually and will be considered individually for prizes based on the date WT receives each individual’s forms.
  • Participants who visit all properties listed on the WT website and submit corresponding CF's within the dates of the contest will receive a WT t-shirt OR hat.
  • The first participant to visit all properties listed on the WT website and submit corresponding CF's will receive a WT t-shirt and hat, as well as two free tickets to OkTRAILberfest.
  • WT will use your name and contact information submitted with the CF to contact you regarding the contest and any prize you may receive.
  • If you sign up for our e-news, the email address you provide will be added to our monthly e-news mailing list.
  • WT is not responsible for any malfunctions/errors that result in a CF submitted via the WT website not reaching a WT staff member.


Questions?: Contact Roxey Lay | rlay@wildlandstrust.org | 774-343-5121 x102