The following list summarizes the tree species that the Greening the Gateway Cities Program offers:

tree species book 1:

American Elm
American Hophornbeam
American Hornbeam
American Yellowwood
City Sprite Zelkova
Common Baldcypress
Copper Beech
Dawn Redwood
Fastigiate European      Hornbeam
Fastigiate Oak 'Regal Prince'
Fastigiate Maple
Green Pillar Oak
Japanese Zelkova
Katsura Tree
Kentucky Coffeetree
Linden (Littleleaf or Silver)
London Planetree
Ohio Buckeye
Pagoda Tree
Pin Oak
Purple-Leafed Columnar    Beech
Red Horsechestnut
Red Maple
Red Oak
River Birch
Slender Silhouette Sweetgum
Sugar Maple
Swamp White Oak
Tupelo/Black Gum
Turkish Filbert
White Oak

tree species book 2:

Amur Maackia
Carolina Silverbell
Cherry Plum
Cornelian Cherry Dogwood
Eastern Redbud
European Mountainash
Flowering Crabapple
Goldenchain Tree
Higan Cherry
Japanese Snowbell
Japanese Stewartia
Japanese Tree Lilac
Kousa Dogwood
Kwanzan Cherry
Pagoda Dogwood
Paperbark Maple
Rutgers Hybrid Dogwood
Winter King Hawthron
Yoshino Cherry

tree species book 3:

Austrian Pine
Balsam Fir
Colorado/Blue Spruce
Douglas Fir
Eastern Red Cedar
Fraser Fir
Norway Spruce
Serbian Spruce
Western Arborvitae
White Fir
White Spruce

Participants may select any number of trees appropriate for their property size but are limited to one flowering tree. The program’s planting seasons take place from April-June and September-November. To set up a consultation with our Urban Foresters from the Department of Conservation and Recreation call 617-626-1503.