Volunteer Opportunities


Drop-In Volunteer Opportunities

Here at Wildlands Trust, we get it – you want to volunteer, but you’re not sure how to fit it into your schedule, and you’re not sure if you’re up for a steady commitment. That’s why we have created several drop-in volunteer activities:

  • Trailblazer Thursdays
    Help with clearing trails, trash pickup, invasive species removal, boardwalk repairs, and more. We host Trailblazer events out at our many preserves, generally two Thursday mornings a month.

  • Working Wednesdays  
    Join us at Davis-Douglas Farm (Wildlands Trust’s office in Plymouth) to help with various activities caring for our grounds and working on projects in our garage and stewardship center. These are generally held twice a month.

  • Special Events
    Volunteers are needed to help us provide assistance for a variety of fun events and programs, such as open houses and the 5K for Conservation.  

To be notified directly about upcoming opportunities like this, click here.


Weekly & Monthly Volunteer Opportunities

For the volunteer who wants to make a more regular commitment, Wildlands Trust needs help in the following positions:

  • Adopt A Preserve
    Assist Wildlands Trust by helping us to monitor our most visited properties.  Once you have gone through our training program, you’ll be able to monitor your adopted property on your own schedule and submit property reports electronically.  For this position, we request a commitment of at least 3 hours/month.
  • Office Assistant
    Join us in the office to help keep on top of things!  Work alongside staff to review property files, do data entry, and help with general filing and mailings.  For this position, we request a commitment of 2 hours/week.
  • Gardener
    We have many beautiful new native plantings on our property, and we could use some assistance keeping our plants watered and weeded on a regular basis.  For this position, we request a commitment of 1-2 hours/week. 

To apply for a weekly or monthly volunteer position, click here.

Occasional Volunteer Opportunities

For folks who have special skills and enjoy working with the public, we also have occasional/intermittent volunteer opportunities to assist the Trust.

  • Ambassador
    Want to be the public face of the Trust at events such as Farmers’ Markets and local festivals?  We’ll train you to be a Wildlands Trust Ambassador, where you will help educate people about the important work the Trust does and help us promote the benefits of conservation and Wildlands Trust membership.  Volunteers are needed year-round, but particularly in late spring, early summer, and early fall.

  • Leader/Teacher 
    We are always looking for new program leaders, so if you have experience with ecology, nature-watching, local history, art, or some other area of expertise that relates to the Trust’s work, we would love to work with you and have you lead programs for us.

To apply for one of these positions, click here.

Teen Volunteers

Are you a teenager who would like to volunteer with the Trust?  E-mail Katie O’Donnell, Program Manager for Community Conservation.

College Internships

Wildlands Trust does not currently offer any formal internship programs, but college students who have the opportunity to design their own internships are encouraged to e-mail proposals to KatieO’Donnell, Program Manager for Community Conservation.


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