Did you know that this Saturday, June 11, is National Get Outdoors Day (GO Day)?

National Get Outdoors Day was launched on June 14, 2008. Building on the success of More Kids in the Woods and other important efforts to connect Americans – and especially children – with nature and active lifestyles, various groups agreed to lead an inclusive, nationwide effort focusing on a single day when people would be inspired and motivated to get outdoors. GO Day partnered with federal, state and local agencies, key enthusiast organizations and recreation businesses to promote a healthy, fun day of outdoor adventure aimed at reaching first-time visitors to open spaces and connecting children to the outdoors.

GO Day is an outgrowth of the Get Outdoors USA! campaign, which encourages Americans, especially our youth, to seek out healthy, active outdoor lives and embrace our parks, forests, refuges and other public lands and waters.

What better way to celebrate this day than by taking a hike on one of our great trails on our preserves through out southeastern Massachusetts.  Click on the button below to find one of our trails near you.  Happy Hiking!!!