Wildlands Trust Community Garden

2017 Rules and Regulations

General Information:

  • Opening day will be on April 8th and all beds must be cleaned out by October 31st.
  • The garden will be open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk.
  • Keep the garden gate closed at all times.
  • Well-behaved children are welcome but must be closely supervised.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No smoking allowed anywhere on DDF premises.
  • We request that all members volunteer approx. 3 hours per season for general garden upkeep.

Tending your plot:

  • All gardeners are responsible for planting, weeding and harvesting their plots. Produce must be for personal use or donation.
  • Only organic gardening methods are allowed; application of herbicides and pesticides is prohibited.
  • If you would like to further amend your soil, please use organic fertilizers only.
  • No growing of cannabis or illegal substances is allowed.
  • Perennial herbs are welcome in pots only; all containers must be placed within your plot.
  • Please be considerate of your neighbors. Do not plant sprawling or tall plants that might interfere with neighboring plots. Harvest only from your plot.
  • Upkeep reminders will be issued if necessary; after 3 reminders you may lose gardening privileges.
  • Each gardener must clear their plot of fencing, trellises, strings, labels, etc. at garden closing.
  • If you will be away for a long period of time, please inform the garden coordinator and ensure that someone you trust will tend your plot in your absence.
  • Notify the garden coordinator if you are no longer able to tend your plot.

Facility Use:

  • Each bed is provided with automatic drip irrigation. This will be set and controlled by Wildlands Trust staff only. Please do not touch the irrigation controls or timer settings. If your bed is receiving too much or too little water, please let the garden coordinator know.
  • Additional watering may be done by the gardener. Watering cans are provided at the spigot.
  • Tools in the garden shed may be signed out for use, but may not be taken from site.
  • Dispose of weeds and crops in designated compost bins. All trash should be taken with you.
  • If something breaks please let us know.

Wildlands Trust reserves the right to change or add to these rules as needed.

Your compliance with these regulations will help everyone to have an enjoyable and prosperous
   garden. Failure to comply will result in a loss of future gardening privileges.

Garden Coordinator:   Rachel Calderara   774-343-5121 x108   rcalderara@wildlandstrust.org