A man snowshoes next to the Indan Head River at the Tucker Preserve in Pembroke, Massachusetts.  Wildlands Trust of Southeastern Massachusetts.

Gift a Membership

Do you know someone that shares in your love of nature and the great outdoors? Give the gift of saving the natural landscapes of Southeastern Massachusetts with a membership to Wildlands Trust! 

As a member, the recipient of your gift will receive:

*NOTE: Please follow these instructions when checking out:

  1. Select that you are honoring an individual

  2. Write the recipient’s name in the “Whom do you want to recognize?” field

  3. Select "yes" to notify the recipient

  4. Write in the recipient note section that this is a gift membership as well as any message you'd like included in the membership packet.

  5. Fill in the “Where Should We Send the Notification?” section with either the recipients name and address or yours (depending on where you’d like the membership packet sent).


Please contact Roxey Lay for more information
774-343-5121 (ext 102) | rlay@wildlandstrust.org.