Great Neck Conservation Area - Wareham, MA

Preserves :

Jack’s Marsh (25.4 acres) 
Minot-Weld Conservancy (53 acres) 
Mink Cove-Elkins Reservation (25.6 acres)

Gifts of:

Jack’s Marsh: John W. Peirce 1986
Minot: Grace Minot Peirce and John Wylde to The Nature Conservancy, 1968 and later transferred to the Wildlands Trust as:       Minot Conservancy (42 acres), 1975.
Weld: Indian Neck Associates (11 acres), 1981
Mink Cove-Elkins: Grace Minot Peirce, 1976 (9 acres);  Dr. William L. Elkins, 1979, 1980 (16.6 acres)


John W. Peirce, a founding Director of the Trust, has been the mastermind behind the acquisition of the Great Neck Conservation Area and other properties in Wareham. His long-range vision and careful planning facilitated a number of important conservation successes. He and his wife donated several key parcels in the Conservation Area.