The Nook - Kingston, MA

Gift Of:

Mary C. Cherry | 17.5 Acres, 1992


The Nook lies at the mouth of the Jones River, part of the last quiet refuge amidst the heavily developed Rocky Nook peninsula in Kingston. Once a much favored area for the Native Americans, today an old cart path leads you through pine and red cedar thickets, remnants of the days when this property was used as active farmland and pasture. The land drops gently to the estuary, where an expansive view of the salt marsh meadow and tidal creek is afforded. Wild geranium, a showy relative of the more familiar garden plant, grows here; it is uncommon in the region and may thrive on the calcium-rich soil from the scattered middens of shells left by Native Americans who once summered here.

The property provides an easy walk and beautiful vista of the mouth of the Jones River. After your walk, make sure to visit the nearby memorial to pilgrim John Howland across the street.



Off Howlands Lane


17.5 acres


From Exit 9 on MA Route 3, drive South on Rt. 3A for about a mile before turning left onto Howlands Ln. Continue on Howlands Ln for about a half mile.


Parking is on the left side of Howlands Lane, across from the Pilgrim John Howland Memorial.