Munroe Farm in Rehoboth Preserved!

Thanks to the generosity of landowners Walt and Sharon Munroe, the Trust recently completed the Munroe Farm Conservation Restriction in Rehoboth.  The Munroe Farm’s 100+ acres includes open fields, carefully managed woodlands, a portion of the “Great Maple Swamp”, a large expanse of wooded wetland, several vernal pools, and scenic views that have changed little over Walt and Sharon’s years as stewards of the farm. 

The Munroe Farm CR is the Trust’s second in Rehoboth, following the 52-acre CR donated by the Bertozzi family in 1999 and situated just a few miles to the northeast.  Both of these CR’s help protect the rural character of North Rehoboth, an area that still retains its bucolic look and feel despite development pressures and Rehoboth’s attractiveness as a bedroom community for nearby Providence. 

Supplied by the Munroe family, the above photo captures Walt at a rare moment of respite from his many activities on the farm, and is a fine example of life imitating art.  The “statue” is a wood-carving of Walt and his trusty canine companion Sadie, created by Munroe family friend Mike Higgins.  It turns out that the statue became something of a local icon even before Walt’s untimely passing last August.  The photo was taken at the request of a customer of the Munroe’s Feed and Grain store, who one day stopped by and requested that Walt pose for a picture with his wooden likeness.  Ever the gentleman, Walt graciously obliged the customer’s request.

From all of us at the Trust, our most sincere thanks to Walt and Sharon Munroe for their unsparing commitment to preserving their seventh-generation farm, and for their patience and good humor throughout the years it took to complete the CR. 

Note:  You can learn more about this project by clicking here.