Trust Assumes Stewardship of Plymouth Farmland

On July 13, the Trust accepted a transfer of 58 acres in the Chiltonville section of Plymouth from the Eel River Watershed Association.  Colloquially known as the Whipple Farm or less commonly the Eel River Fields, the property includes open fields, extensive frontage on the Eel River, and pastoral views that provide a striking contrast to Plymouth’s more common landscape features such as ponds, pine barrens, and coastline. 

The land is under an Agricultural Preservation Restriction that ensures it will always be used for some type of agricultural activity.  Presently, Manomet farmer Jen Friedrich grows vegetables on a portion of the land, and another local farmer harvests hay several times during the year.  

With its rolling hills, expansive fields, and historic homes, Chiltonville is one of Plymouth’s most scenic enclaves.  The Trust has long had holdings in Chiltonville with the Eel River and Withington Preserves, but this new acquisition joins with these nearby preserves to significantly expand our presence in the area.  

While cranberry farming is the most dominant type of agricultural endeavor in Plymouth, the Eel River Fields will always provide fertile ground for a wide range of “terrestrial” farming opportunities.  We look forward to working with Farmer Jen and others to explore the possibilities for maximizing the property’s agricultural potential.      

Thanks to Mettie Whipple and the Eel River Watershed Association for entrusting this distinctive component of Plymouth’s landscape to the Trust.