Restoration at Jarabeck Preserve, Swansea

Wildlands Trust stewardship staff and volunteers are working to revive the 42-acre Jarabeck Preserve.  An original holding of the Swansea Land Trust, Jarabeck is one of six conservation parcels transferred to Wildlands nearly ten years ago. It is our western-most preserve with an accessible trail system. The forested property has several lovely small ponds and marsh areas.

“We want to make Jarabeck accessible to the residents of Swansea for activities like hiking, bird-watching, snow shoeing, and nature photography,” said Wildlands Stewardship Manager Erik Boyer. “It’s a great spot but it needs some serious attention right now.”

Boyer and his crew have already removed three truckloads of dumped debris from the property and as the weather warms, they will be cutting back the over-grown trails and clearing trees that have come down in storms. By the late spring, their work should be complete and the property will be open for hiking!