Wildlands Honors Doug Hart with Appointment as Chair Emeritus

By President & Executive Director, Karen Grey


Nonprofits rely on volunteer board members who donate time and expertise to help advance mission based work. It’s hard work, but with a talented, dedicated group, and an effective board leader, it can be extremely rewarding and meaningful for all involved. As the highest governing position in the organization, a board chair, with the right skills and experience, can set the stage for a successful and highly functioning organization.

Doug Hart has served with distinction as Wildlands Trust’s chairman of the board since 2007. Always leading with personal integrity and intelligence, Doug earned the confidence and respect of the board and staff early on in his tenure. His thoughtful approach, dedication, and ability to show all involved how to “do the right thing, not the easy thing,” inspired this most recent chapter of Wildlands’ journey. Under Doug’s leadership, the journey has led to a new home at Davis-Douglas Farm, endowment growth of 400%, unprecedented membership and donor growth, doubling of the staff, and 6,000 new acres of protected land in Southeastern Massachusetts.

When Doug ran a meeting, everyone had a voice, everyone was respected, and you could count on being out the door by 9:00 p.m. When I called him on the phone for advice (which was frequently), he offered his insights and guidance without ever telling me what to do. He would listen to me carefully and then say “You know, why don’t you try this…”

I thank Doug Hart from the bottom of my heart for all he has done for Wildlands Trust and for what he has taught me over the last 12 years. I am honored to call him the best boss I’ve ever had and we are all proud to call him our Chair Emeritus.

On Saturday, November 2, 2019, we honored Doug at Wildlands’ annual Chairman’s Council Supper. Thank you to all those who attended for making this year’s gathering extra special for us and for Doug.

Browse the photos below to see the lands Wildlands has protected under Doug’s leadership: