This past month the Duxburrow Path Outdoor Learning Center opened to great fanfare in Duxbury, MA. This community based effort began in 2013 and continues in development currently. 

The goal of the project is to create an outdoor learning area for use by all three of the Alden Street schools as well as the community of Duxbury.  The newly-opened outdoor learning area follows the trails used by Duxbury’s early European settlers to get around Duxbury and travel to Marshfield and Plymouth. 

Phase I including planning, design and preparation for the project has been completed.  Now underway, Phase II focuses on the construction of an outdoor amphitheater by Duxbury High School students.  The school site offers extensive, unique learning opportunities that will help students take full advantage of project based learning through access to ponds, wetlands, wood areas, marshland, tidal rivers and gardens. It will be dedicated to providing hands-on learning experiences in nature that support and enhance current academic goals while also fostering a love for nature and life long learning

Wildlands Trust was a collaborator on the project from the beginning, working with Science Director Cheryl Lewis to help replicate the Trust’s Climate Lab as the model for the Outdoor Leaning Center.